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MGB Tromox Mino

MINO, Makes Your Riding Easy & Flexible
£2999  + OTR
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino 2022
MGB Tromox Mino Overview
The MINO is an innovative electric bike by Tromox. The company is dedicated to high quality intelligent electric motorcycles. The MINO is designed in a partnership with an Italian design firm and is designed to be easy to personalize. The bike has a swap-able Samsung lithium battery providing a driving range of 90km under lab testing conditions. The battery is of high quality and is of the same type as the batteries in the Tesla Model S. The bike has a powerful 1200 watt electric motor with 110 Nm torque The bike has a premium quality carbon steel frame, aluminium parts, high efficiency 180mm disc brakes and is equipped with over 20 sensors that monitor the health of the vehicle. The moped is lightweight and easy to handle. Core value: In the rush of urban life, TROMOX aims at breaking boundaries and leading young riders around the world to discover new way of travelling and meanwhile exploring the fun. Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Ride With ergonomic design, MINO takes care of all users to sit always comfortably and relaxed during the ride. Automotive Level Lithium Battery Pack Excellent performance, High power IP65 waterproof aluminum case for safety protection. Max range up to 90 km *Battery performance varies by loads, temperature, wind speed, and etc. The maximum range is the tested result of 60V 38Ah battery under the following conditions: temperature at 25℃, the driver weighs 75kg, at a constant speed of 30km/h . Actual range will vary based upon riding conditions and habits. High Capacity Automotive Standard Battery Automotive-standard 18650 high density cell battery assures your riding in the city without worries. Aluminum Battery Case Perfectly Guarantees The Battery Safety MINO battery is safely protected by IP65 waterproof aluminum case. 600+ Cycles of Charge After 600 cycles of charge and discharge, the performance of the battery still remains above 80%. Small in Size, Easy to Carry Weighing 9kg only(60V 20Ah), compact design for easy carry. TROMOX’s Battery Management System By using more accurate AI algorithm program, TROMOX BMS can provide eight protections for current, voltage, temperature and communication anomalies. Through cloud transmission, the battery data will be synchronized to the TROMOX’s App, so as to timely learn the battery status and plan future trips for users. Interconnection, Always by Your Side The Intelligent Central Control System consists of TROMOX APP, VCU, more than 20 sensors over all the vehicle and TROMOX cloud , which makes MINO a real intelligent vehicle, just like a smart phone. FOC Vector Controller MINO’s FOC central control system increases the output power by 16%. With the high-precision control program, the potential performance of motor system is stimulated, and the whole vehicle power system is comprehensively upgraded. TROMOX APP View Live Data of Your Vehicle Anytime! With TROMOX APP,you can view detailed conditions of battery and figures of your motorcycle in general. In the future, our users can expect more practical functions available on App, like social networking, online shopping , customer rewarding, etc. Download App The application supports both iOS and Android systems. The App requires iOS 9.0 or later for iOS devices, and Android 5.0 or later for Android devices. Please make sure your smartphone operating system meets the requirement before installation. Smart Dashboard Neat but dynamic dash is being integrated with the entire vehicle design. Full-color symbols can avoid visual fatigue IP65 waterproof and dustproof construction which assures the dash is always in good operation instead of affected by weather conditions. the cold light LCD screen looks sharper that the rider always has clear vision.
Colour Options MGB Tromox Mino 2022
Black Tromox Mino
Black Tromox Mino Black
Blue Tromox Mino
Blue Tromox Mino Blue
Grey Tromox Mino
Grey Tromox Mino Grey
White Tromox Mino
White Tromox Mino White
Purple Tromox Mino
Purple Tromox Mino Purple
Engine Specifications MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Mid Drive 1200W Motor

equivalent to 50cc

equivalent to 50cc


Euro 5




Air Cooled


Chassis Specifications MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Carbon Steel Frame

Hydraulic fork

Disc Brake

Disc Brake






LED Projector


Dimension Specifications MGB Tromox Mino 2022
Dimensions Tromox Mino





75 miles on a full charge in Eco Mode


MGB Tromox Mino Finance
MGB Tromox Mino Features
MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Revolutionary Motor
TROMOX empowered MINO with a new generation of urban vehicle power system which generates premium performance for the bike, in addition, brings the rider great fun during riding. It uses a rugged magnetic steel ring, both chain and belt final drive to achieve the maximum torque when the bike is at low speed. Not like the traditional hub motors, this new design brings more power to the bike and the riders are able to feel relax when they need to drive up the hill or slope.

MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Samsung 18650 Battery
The high capacity Samsung battery not only provides great performance but also a great range too

MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Smart Dashboard
A neat but dynamic dash is being integrated with the entire vehicle. with a full-colour display, it's very easy to read and gives all the info you need.

MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Aluminum Parts
The application of aluminium parts on the vehicle makes MINO very light. The whole vehicle weighs only 68 kilos. It is very easy to carry or load in transportation.

MGB Tromox Mino 2022

Carbon Steel Frame
The frame is made of carbon steel giving great strength and great build quality

Video Walkaround MGB Tromox Mino
Tromox Mino Review

Explore this vehicle in more detail with our handy video guide. We’ll talk you through its main features, show you some of the highlights of the bike and explain why it could be the right fit for you.

The information in this video was correct at the time of filming. We have made every effort to ensure this video is an accurate representation of the bike above. However, please contact the branch for full details.

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